According to several studies, weed will make it easier to achieve orgasm (regardless of gender).

The still illegal use of cannabis in France would enable many people to improve their sex lives. According to several studies, this psychoactive substance will act as a natural aphrodisiac that will increase libido and orgasms tenfold, but also reduce anxiety and pain.

FROMsmoke weed every day? According to a recent study published by Vice and published in the Journal of Cannabis Research, co-users have more fulfilling sex lives than others. And for good reason, cannabis will allow you to improve your orgasms. Decryption.

Intense orgasms and higher libido

This study, conducted by scientists at the Universities of East Carolina and North Carolina, looked at the aphrodisiac effects of cannabis. An issue on which little research has been done, obtaining funds to study the effects of a drug that is still banned in some countries is tricky. So the researchers took 811 participants, aged 18 to 85, by asking them about their cannabis habits as well as their sex lives. 64% were women and 73% were in a monogamous relationship. More than half of the participants used cannabis daily — either by smoking, eating or using cannabidiol oil — and 59% of them used it before sex.

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According to the results of this study, over 70% of respondents said they had higher libido and more intense orgasms, showing that cannabis use helped over 40% of women experience multiple orgasms. If the researchers state that “cannabis appears to have a positive effect on people’s sexuality and satisfaction, regardless of gender and age,” they also explain that this could also be a placebo effect.

“These results may be related to the mindset of cannabis users believing that cannabis has aphrodisiac properties that increase pleasure. […] However, the relaxing effects of cannabis can increase desire and ease inhibitions, which can increase sexual performance and satisfaction.”

Is cannabis a better disinhibitor than alcohol?

The second study, published in 2022 and conducted by researchers at the University of Almería in Spain, examined the sex lives of people who used cannabis, those who preferred alcohol, those who preferred to mix them, and those who did not use anything at all. They interviewed a group of 274 Spaniards aged 18 to 30. As reported by Insider, those who regularly used cannabis had more fulfilling sex lives than others. Consequently, consumers will have higher libidos and better orgasms than others.

Despite being banned in France, this drug may help some people with sexual problems such as low libido, anxiety, difficulty reaching orgasm, or pain during penetration. for the insider. Earlier research shows that drinking alcohol — in moderation, if not goodbye, erections — before sex makes women’s orgasms more intense. It would also help some people feel less anxious and more present during sex.

However, the effects of THC are not the same for everyone. As Benjamin told us in 2021, cannabis use can indeed cause erectile dysfunction in smokers, which is even twice as severe in weed smokers than others. Hélène Donnadier-Rigol, a narcologist from Montpellier, explains that the disinhibitory effect of THC can have a perverse effect and change our perception of sexuality: “Objectively, cannabis does not enhance sexual intercourse, but corrects it. blocking or some modesty will really feel relaxed and better about yourself But the risk, above all, is not able to do without a joint when making love. Pending its legalization in France, it remains to be seen if CBD can have the same effects!

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