According to the CEO of Moderna, “vaccinations will continue for a very long time” because Covid-19 “will not go away anymore.”

The President of Moderna, a guest at BFMTV on Monday night, said the lab is currently working on effective reviews against Covid-19 variants.

The CEO of Moderna Lab, a pioneer of Covid-19 vaccines, said his company is already looking forward to developing effective booster vaccines against variants. 22H Max guest on BFMTV this Monday night, Stefan Bansel, said he is convinced that vaccinations “will continue in the very long term” because “this is a virus that will never go away.”

“We have to live with it like with the flu, we know very well how to do it. So there is a period of a year or two that will be a little more difficult, because we will not be able to vaccinate the entire planet, ”the company manager said on our antenna. “Today we are in an interconnected world (…) and therefore we expect options to return to the northern hemisphere in the fall and next winter, and therefore we know that feedback will of course be very important.”

Moderna wants to speed up the pace

A vaccine from an American startup with an efficiency of 94.1% was urgently approved by the WHO last Friday. Moderna said last Thursday that it intends to accelerate the pace and plans to “increase its global production capacity to three billion doses in 2022,” roughly double what was previously expected. “10 million doses” were delivered to Europe in the first quarter of 2021, with “just over 35 million” expected in the second quarter.

Into the BFMTV microphone, Stefan Bansel said it was “very important that people have reminders” for this winter to protect against new mutations in the virus. “We are scientifically convinced that boosters will be important given the drop in antibody levels that have occurred in naturally infected and vaccinated people,” he said. “We see a lot of people in Latin America, India who have problems with hospitalization.”

Ongoing clinical trials reviews

“What we are doing at Moderna, we should have clinical data results in a few days, this is a feedback specific to these options. We are currently testing three different recall strategies in clinical trials with people vaccinated last year, ”explained the laboratory director.

The latter also clarified that Moderna “was working with the European Union to approve the recall in late summer, early fall, to first recall people vaccinated last year who I think will need retraining.

Moderna, whose vaccine was one of the first licensed in the Western world a few months ago, plans to “increase its global manufacturing capacity to three billion doses by 2022,” the American group said Thursday. That’s roughly double what Moderna expected, which is also looking to increase the pace this year. The company, which previously expected to receive a maximum of 600 million doses in 2021, now thinks it can reach a billion.

Zhanna Bulant BFMTV reporter

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