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Over the weekend, Netflix revealed a new trailer for its highly anticipated new scifi adventure series The Imperfects, which will hit the Netflix streaming service on September 8, 2022 and is now available to watch. Created by Dennis Heaton and Shelley Eriksen, the series follows three young people in pursuit of a mad scientist who has tampered with their DNA, resulting in devastating superpowers. Watch the trailer below to find out more about what’s in store for you.

“Three twentyyearolds, Abby, Juan and Tilda, turned into monsters after undergoing experimental gene therapy. The trio subsequently decide to hunt down the scientist responsible for their transformation, Dr. Alex Sarkov, and force him to make them human again.”

series Imperfections

“They are joined by Dr. Sidney Burke, a scientist who helps them on their quest. After undergoing an experiment that gives them monstrous side effects, Abby, Tilda and Juan join forces to find the responsible scientist and the cure. For fans of quirky superteams ready to take on the world, consider The Umbrella Academy meets The Boys.

“This scifi action series is created by Shelley Eriksen and Dennis Heaton (The Order), as well as the creative minds of Fargo and Van Helsing. The series features Italia Ricci, Morgan Taylor Campbell, Rihanna Jagpal, Inaki Godoy, Rhys Nicholson, Kira Zagorski, Selina Martin, Jedidiah Goodacre and more.”

Source: Netflix

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