Adafruit OV5640 120° Camera Module Board

Adafruit has announced the imminent release of its latest camera module in the form of the Adafruit OV5640 breakout board with 120° lens. Features include a standard 2×9 header if that’s what you want, as well as a duplicate header strip 0.3″ apart so you can plug it into a breadboard or breadboard. The camera module measures only 35.7mm x 23.0mm x 17.5mm and weighs 4.6g.

Together with selectable external or internal 24MHz “XCLK” clock generation – save one gpio pin or just get a nice stable 24MHz signal even if your microcontroller can’t generate it for you. Chamber heat dissipation area with open ground pad, with plenty of vias for good heat transfer. Useful for continuous encoding and for reducing thermal image drift. An additional 3.3V VMotor power jumper on DATA1 for camera module autofocus and a 3.3V power LED on the back that can be turned off if desired.

Adafruit Camera Module

camera module

“Homelevel microcontrollers are finally getting big and powerful enough to start working with camera modules that historically required a fullfledged computer or FPGA to work with. For example, the RP2040 and ESP32Sx series chips have enough pins to communicate with an 8bit data output, DMA for fast frame capture, and the necessary RAM to buffer the raw image. Now all we need is a good camera module to make interaction easier!”

“This Adafruit OV5640 camera with 120 degree lens has a good quality OV5640 camera with 5 megapixel sensor element, 120 degree wide angle lens and all necessary auxiliary circuits. We’ve looked at existing camera modules and while this riser is backwards compatible, we’ve made some improvements.”

Unfortunately pricing hasn’t been released yet, but the full specs are available on the Adafruit webshop page, where you can register your details to be notified when the camera module is available.

Source: Adafruit

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