Adam Mosseri, the man who promotes Instagram (too much?)

FOCUS- By suddenly changing its interface, the social network alienated part of its community. But behind these upheavals is the need for the platform to contain the meteoric rise of its Chinese rival: TikTok.

You may have noticed this summer: one fine morning, Instagram stopped being like Instagram. Full-screen videos showing people you’ve never followed in your life suddenly and frantically appeared on your smartphone. Didn’t you like it? You’re not alone. The changes have angered some users of the social network, which has been owned by Meta (an umbrella company created by Facebook) since 2012 and has 2 billion users. Kylie Jenner, an influencer with around 360 million followers, has gone so far as to launch a “Make Instagram Instagram Again” campaign, blaming the new terms for being similar to the terms of Meta’s Chinese rival TikTok.

Behind these upheavals in our digital lives is one man: Adam Mosseri. This former Facebook designer, in particular, has worked on the company’s mobile apps and took over as head of Instagram in 2018 after the departure of the two founders…

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