AdBot v2.3 – ChatGPT Open AI application source code for Android and iOS

AdBot v2.3 – ChatGPT Open AI Application Source Code for Android and iOS Free Download. AdBot is a very popular AIbased program that people use to create conversations. A chatbot has a language model that the developer customizes to interact with a human in a conversational manner. It is a simulated chatbot primarily intended for customer service. Enable texttospeech Multilanguage support Configuration, support for multiple speechtotext languages.

Main characteristics

  • Subscription plans
  • Sign in with Google and Apple ID
  • Image upload
  • Paypal, Stripe and SSL Commerz Payment Gateway
  • Text to speech
  • Applications for Android and iOS
  • Several languages
  • Speech to text
  • Earnings on AdMob advertising
  • Send report
  • Open AI API key management
  • Share Conversation
  • Push notification for all users
  • and more

Download the AdBot ChatGPT Open AI app for Android and iOS

Live demo: View demo

Free download the AdBot ChatGPT Open AI app source code for Android and iOS from AppDevsX when you download Codecanyon premium chatbot app source code.

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