Adobe starts charging $15/month for Pantone colors

Due to a change in licensing terms between Adobe and Pantone, some of its applications such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign will no longer support access to free Pantone colors. Requiring users who wish to access Pantone’s wide range of colors to subscribe to Adobe’s new licensing package at $15/month or $90/year.

Adobe announced last year that it was removing Pantone’s “color books” from its software, but said it would be working on an “alternative solution.” According to Pantone, the Pantone color libraries in Adobe apps have not been updated for some time and are already inaccurate.

Adobe Pantone Colors

“Therefore, the current Pantone color libraries in Creative Cloud are significantly outdated and missing hundreds of new Pantone colors. Pantone and Adobe have jointly decided to remove the deprecated libraries and jointly focus on improving the experience with the application, which will better serve our users.”

“Recognized worldwide as a leading source of color knowledge, the Pantone Color Institute provides color ideas and solutions; working with our clients to strategically address color issues and develop a color and design approach that is aligned with their brand vision. Our color experts serve clients around the world, touching every creative discipline and every market level. Unlock over 15,000 Pantone colors with digital data and share your vision with everyone in your workflow. Powered by Pantone Connect.”

pantone connect

Ashley Still, Senior Vice President of Digital Media Marketing, Strategy and Global Partnerships at Adobe, explains:

“In order to access the full set of Pantone color books, Pantone now requires customers to purchase a premium license through Pantone Connect and install the plugin using Adobe Exchange.”

Source: Kotaku: Pantone

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