Adventureready Nissan Ariya electric SUV unveiled

Nissan has unveiled an adventureready version of its electric SUV, the Nissan Ariya, to be used on a poletopole expedition.

The Nissan Ariya electric SUV will take part in the Pole to Pole Expedition, which is a 27,000 km journey from the magnetic North Pole to the South Pole.

Electric SUV Nissan Aria

Chris Ramsey, Pole to Pole EV Expedition Leader commented: “One of the things that is at the heart of all our adventures is that we take a standard stock electric vehicle and strive to make minimal changes to clearly showcase its real day to day capabilities, regardless from where you are driving. Our Nissan Ariya is no different as the vehicle’s transmission and battery remain standard, demonstrating just how powerful and versatile the stock Ariya is. We modified the suspension and widened the wheel arches to take advantage of the stable platform and support for 39inch BF Goodrich tires. I am incredibly excited to get behind the wheel of what was already a brilliant car, but now I feel ready to conquer the ends of the earth in style!”

Electric SUV Nissan Aria

As a selfproclaimed coffee lover, Chris will have access to a specially built espresso machine with a good supply of organic coffee. While ondemand caffeine will help him focus on the long and isolated parts of the journey, Chris can also capture the beauty of these breathtaking landscapes with a drone that can be launched directly from an assistive device on the roof. Another innovation is a portable renewable energy unit that will be used to power the Ariya in the polar regions. The towed prototype includes a packable, lightweight wind turbine and solar panels that will take advantage of strong winds and long daylight hours to keep the electric vehicle’s battery charged when Chris and Julie stop to rest.

You can find out more about the modified Nissan Ariya SUV on the Nissan website at the link below.


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