Advertising and virtual reality: Revolution Games will finally limit the trial to a free game

Facebook announced on June 16 that it will test the monetization of applications by advertising inside its virtual reality headsets. To start this test, the social network then announced a partnership with Resolution Games for its game Blaston, as well as with other studios whose name was not disclosed.

But after negative reactions from the players side, Resolution Games is finally backing down. Main criticism: being exposed to advertising in a paid application. Consequently, Resolution Games is studying the implementation of the test in the fishing game Bait !, which is free.

Anger among gamers

Whether on social media or in app stores, Blaston quickly saw a rise in criticism. Angry, the players accused the company of “sell to facebook“. They were also numerous to put forward the price of the game (10 dollars) as well as the material necessary to benefit from it, thus finding the advertisements very badly come. The initiative was to allow the developer to generate additional income. .

In response, Resolution Games has indicated that it is considering continuing the operation only on its free games, such as Bait !. In a statement relayed by Upload VR, Tommy Palm, CEO of Resolution Games, said the developer’s interest has “always been to help the industry advance VR for the benefit of all concerned“. It is in this process that the company decided to participate in the trial of Facbook, says the CEO.”If ads in VR apps become inevitable, as it does with other platforms, we want to make sure things get done right.“, he wrote.

On the Facebook side, a spokesperson reiterated that advertisements are only one of the means explored by the social network to generate “new sources of income for developers, unlock new content and offer products at suitable prices. “In its announcement of June 16, the social network had mentioned partnerships with several other developers, but it remains to be seen whether criticism of Resolution Games is not likely to slow down participation.

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