AEW Dark Elevation results as of September 12, 2022

September 12 AEW Dark Elevation Results

Commentators – Excalibur and Matt Menard.

– The AEW Dark show starts from the first game.

Mark team match

Nyla Rose and Marina Sharif beat Joel Clift and JC Storm with their DDT and Flapjack combo by three counts more than Clift.

Single match

Julia Heart defeats Tiara James by submission with her Heartless Lock to force her to tap out.

Mark team match

Dante Martin and Matt Sydal beat Serpentico and Zach Clayton with roundhouse kicks to their opponents, with Dante counting the last three.

Single match

Athena defeats Amy Sakura with a Superkick and her Eclipse on the count of three.

Mark team match

Brody King and Buddy Matthews defeated Isaiah Prince and Cubes with Murphy Lo Murphy at Cuba by three.

Single match

Hikaru Shida defeats Christina Marie with his katana on the count of three.

Single match

John Silver defeats Ryan Nemeth with a kick and his racket bomb on the count of three.

Mark team match

The Butcher and the Blade defeat the Factory (Aaron Solo and Nick Komoroto) when the referee throws Factory members into the ring who wanted to cheat with brass knuckles. Blade and Butcher take the opportunity to take advantage and drag the leg to a solo count of three.

The episode ends with the honoring of the winners.

You can watch the release in full:

photo credit: AEW


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