AEW takes control of House of Black title

AEW registered as a new trademark the name “House of Black” on September 8, 2022, which was discovered through the Registrar of American Trademarks.

House of Black is the name of a clan formed by Malachi Black, Brodie King, Buddy Matthews and Julia Hart on the side of AEW. A clan whose future is unclear as Malachi Black greeted fans after All Out as a farewell, and we also learned through Fightful that he would have won his release from his contract. Information that has not yet been confirmed by either AEW or Malachi Black, who is still part of the company.

So the trademark filing comes at a strange time for AEW, since if Black does leave the company, it’s surprising the leaders want to keep the name of a clan that we believe will die out. Now AEW controls the name in the wrestling universe, as well as t-shirts and other clothing. The future of Malachi Black and House Black remains to be seen.

photo credit: AEW


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