Affinity Photo Image Editing Software Is $20 Off This Black Friday/Cyber ​​Monday

Image editing software Affinity Photo is now $20 off on this Black Friday/Cyber ​​Monday deal. (will open in a new tab).

Save almost 30% (will open in a new tab) opt out of this offline image editing software and never pay Adobe for a subscription again. The advantage of Serif’s Affinity Photo, one of the most powerful image editing software available, is that you buy the software in one go and can keep it forever. Without a subscription!

Tempted to dive into Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom but not sure about the monthly running costs or the high annual price? Serif Affinity Photo 1.10 (will open in a new tab) may be the right image editing software for you. Full of features, it can be used just like Photoshop and will be more than enough for almost all photographers.

Layer-based non-destructive editing, RAW file processing, and a full suite of photo editing tools are the foundation of Affinity Photo, but they don’t stop there. With a dedicated library of brushes and engines, it’s also useful for content creators who need to create graphics or process photos and images for web and print use.

In our review of Serif Affinity Photo, the powerful image editing software received 4.5 out of 5 stars, and we were impressed by its fast processing speed and flexibility when editing RAW files.

Image editors can save time by accessing basic photo editing tools such as automatic levels, adjusting color and contrast, or changing the white balance in the software. Layering allows you to create composite images (ideal for astrophotography), and one of the most powerful editing tools is the High Dynamic Range (HDR) feature, which can be too harsh in other photo editing programs, giving photos an unrealistic look. But advanced controls like Tone Mapping, Compression, Contrast, Exposure and Saturation/Vibrance sliders help you fine-tune the controls, perfect for landscape photography and astrophotography with scenery in the foreground.

Be sure to check out’s Black Friday deals page or our guide to the best cameras for stills and videos and the best cameras for astrophotography.

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