Africa: Pfizer BioNTech Vaccine To Be Produced In South Africa Soon For Continent Supply

Good news about vaccinations. The Pfizer / BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine will be produced in Cape Town for supply to Africa from 2022! The companies “signed a letter of intent” with Biovac, which will supply up to 100 million doses per year to African countries. The technology transfer and installation of the bottling equipment, the last stage of production, will begin “immediately”, according to the report. The serum will be shipped from the European factories of the two laboratories, which will thus maintain control over the production of messenger RNA, which is the most delicate and important step. It will then be bottled and distributed “exclusively in 55 African Union countries,” German BioNTech and US Pfizer said.

“This is an important step towards strengthening sustainable access to vaccines,” and the collaboration “will enable greater dose distribution among people in hard-to-reach communities, especially on the African continent,” he added. Commented by Morena Mahoana, CEO. Biovac. Geographic inequality remains glaring in the face of the pandemic: on the one hand, developed countries that have developed comprehensive vaccination programs, and on the other hand, the poorest countries lagging far behind in this area: 1.6% of doses according to data compiled by AFP are used globally in Africa, where, however, 17% of the world’s population lives.

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WHO recently estimated that only 2% of Africans, or 16 million people, had full immunity.

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Prior to on-site production, which will arrive too late to respond to the current rise in cases amid the spread of the Delta variant, Africa relies mainly on the international Covax mechanism for its vaccines and donations, which, however, come in small quantities. … Biovac is already producing the Prevenar 13 vaccine for Pfizer against pneumococcal infections.

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