After a lot of memes, Meta changes the graphical style of their Metaverse and now it’s a copy of Fortnite.

Meta is without a doubt the company behind the Metaverse. This has obviously made it the most famous and notable offering today. The problem is that when you gain popularity on the Internet, you are exposed to memes. Mark Zuckerberg’s metaverse known as Horizon may be more or less loved, but one feature unites many in countless derision: its graphic style.

Let’s face it, the current Metaverse of the Meta is indistinguishable from a low-budget children’s cartoon. Mark Zuckerberg is aware of this and recently confirmed that he is working on a new visual design that will significantly change the storylines and avatars of Horizon.

“Major updates to Horizon’s graphics and avatars are coming soon. I will tell you more about Connect. Also, I know that the photo I posted at the beginning of the week was quite simple: it was taken very quickly to celebrate the launch. Horizon graphics are capable of so much more, even on headsets [VR] and Horizon is improving very quickly,” said Mark Zuckerberg.

Meta’s CEO is referencing a post he recently shared to announce the launch of his Metaverse in Spain and France. However, the image accompanying this ad is his low-budget cartoon avatar. Of course, the internet wasted no time, and many memes quickly popped up about it, prompting Mr. Zuckerberg to announce a visual update soon after.

Indeed, shared the first image of what his avatar looks like with the new graphic style. However, if you are a gamer, you immediately think of one of the most popular video games of recent years.

Sounds familiar? Yes, he looks like a Fortnite character. Epic Games’ Fortnite has a very specific style; it moves away from the “realism” that distinguishes other Fortnite games. shooting games like Call of Duty and offers a colorful universe where characters take on a cartoonish look. The idea, of course, is to attract as many players as possible. From the youngest to the most experienced players.

When you see Mark Zuckerberg’s avatar in the next Horizon visual update, you’ll also remember Jonesy from the Fortnite movie, for example.

What shows great originality is the new scenarios of the Metaverse. Now they are betting on environments with much more detailed textures and object models with higher polygonal weights. Of course, it is intuitively clear that the quality depends on the potential of the equipment on which it works. Therefore, not everyone will have the opportunity to enjoy it with such graphic quality.

According to Mark Zuckerberg, during Meta Connect, they will reveal more details about the facelift that their Metaverse will receive in the coming months. At the moment we do not know when the event will take place.

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