After Studio Display, Apple will have a new screen perfect for gaming.

According to the analyst, Apple has a 27-inch monitor that it will introduce next year. We can expect a high price for an attractive technical sheet.

Apple Studio Display // FRANDROID – Robin WAYK

After Pro Display XDR, Apple entered the “consumer” monitor market in 2022 with Studio Display. This 27-inch 5K screen is not only very well calibrated, but also smart thanks to the A13 chip (the one that powers the iPhone 11). However, he struggles to demonstrate his usefulness here. As such, during our testing of the Apple Studio Display, we found that this screen had a bit of a problem justifying its €1,750 price tag.

However, it looks like a better compromise is coming.

Mini-LED on Apple’s next screen

According to Ross Young, whose statement was shared with WCCF Tech, Apple is preparing a new 27-inch monitor for the first quarter of 2023. This will solve two problems with Studio Display: primarily its contrast and brightness. the use of mini-LED technology, as well as smooth images with a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz (ProMotion).

According to Ross Young, Apple originally planned to release the game in June 2022 and then in October. The screen was reportedly eventually delayed again due to lack of supplies. With a 5K resolution like the Studio Display, Apple would need around 15 million mini LEDs per screen.

With these features, it can be adapted to both creative professionals in the professional field – without replacing the Pro Display XDR – and gamers who demand the best image and excellent response.

What is the price of this screen?

However, its price is likely to be high. With features like that, it should be a lot more expensive than the Studio Display. However, it is difficult to estimate its price. Some say that a mini LED TV costs around 1,000 euros per inch, which means that this screen will cost… 27,000 euros.

Even for Apple, this price seems excessive and hard to justify, especially while maintaining consistency with the 32-inch Pro Display XDR, which sells for its part from 5500 euros.

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