After the house, Tesla attacks entire neighborhoods

If when people talk to you about Tesla, you think of cars, that’s fine. However, Elon Musk’s company wants to diversify its activities, and is also engaged in the storage and production of renewable energy. Last year, the company signed an agreement with Brookfield Asset Management and Dacra to place solar panels and Powerwalls on rooftops throughout the Austin, Texas area. If in recent months we have had little information on this topic, it seems that something new has appeared.

Is the whole area powered by Tesla?

Last year, Tesla embarked on a massive new project to provide power to an entire neighborhood of 12,000 homes in Austin called Easton Park. With an agreement with two real estate giants, Elon Musk’s company has a great opportunity to enter this new market through its solar energy storage and production activities. This will result in a kind of all-inclusive package for new homes with Tesla Solar Roofs and Powerwall included.

If during the year Tesla suspended the installation of solar panels on rooftops due to several delays, it would seem that this is already history. In this new quarter, the company will focus on new homes, such as those in Easton Park.

Today, real estate expert Brookfield Asset Management unveils a slew of new homes with the “Tesla Solar Package” mentioned. Thus, those who wish will be able to use the “fully equipped” house.

Austin already has several Tesla-powered homes, such as Mario D’s. In an interview with Electrek, this Easton Park resident explains his choice quite simply: he did a cost-benefit analysis. Choosing a “Tesla roof” when installing is much more interesting than adding it later. But that’s not all. Since such a scheme gives him more electricity than he needs, Mario is able to sell the rest back to the grid. “I can earn long-term passive income by leveraging the energy saving habits I already have.”

Thus, a new course for Tesla. It remains to be seen whether there will be unanimity in this vast area in the heart of Texas. If so, then Elon Musk’s company may want to conquer new cities.

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