After Timnit Gebru, Google fires Margaret Mitchell, another specialist in ethics in artificial intelligence

Margaret Mitchell revealed on Twitter on February 19 that she was thanked by Google. The founder and former co-head of the company’s artificial intelligence ethics research team, posted an incomplete message on the social network, which was widely repeated.

The news was confirmed by the Californian giant to several media. “After reviewing the conduct of this manager, we confirmed that there had been multiple violations of our Code of Conduct, as well as our security policies, including the exfiltration of sensitive confidential documents and private data of others. employees“, Google said.

Charges of racism and sexism
Having worked for Microsoft for 4 years, Margaret Mitchell had been suspended from her duties for a month. In question, his position vis-à-vis the dismissal of Timnit Gebru, another researcher in artificial intelligence, which occurred in December. This decision angered 1,400 employees of the Californian group, some of whom are now grouping together in the Alphabet Workers Union. Google is accused of sexism and racism for firing Timnit Gebru, one of the only African-American AI researchers. Margaret Mitchell had publicly criticized Sundar Pichai on Twitter.

Marian Croak, another symbol of diversity according to Google
According to Bloomberg, Google has already found Margaret Mitchell’s replacement. This is Marian Croak, who takes the reins of the Google Research division dedicated to ethical artificial intelligence. Well known within the company, this African American was until now VP Engineering at Google. She will report to Jeff Dean, senior vice president of Google AI Research and Health.

In a blog post, Google discusses Marian Croak’s vision for responsible AI at length. His project of “ensure that Google develops artificial intelligence responsibly and that it has a positive impact. To do this, Marian has created and will lead a new Center of Expertise on Responsible AI within Google Research.“. This laboratory conducts research on artificial intelligence in terms of accessibility, the common good, algorithmic fairness and ethics, among other subjects.

Aude Chardenon


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