After two years of absence, Virtual Calais is back this weekend at Forum Gambetta.

The video game show, postponed to 2020 and 2021 due to the health crisis, is back at Forum Gambetta. This 11th edition will focus on the digital world, careers and learning, and hundreds of video games to test.

On average, Virtual Calais receives 20,000 visitors in two days. GUY DROLET ARCHIVAL PHOTO

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Published: September 26, 2022 at 09:00

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One hundred game stations and retro games

Supported by the municipality with a budget of 90,000 euros (unchanged since its first release), Virtual Calais is primarily dedicated to video games in all their forms. Gamers will be thrilled to be able to test their performance on hundreds of dedicated gaming stations across consoles, mobile and PC. Among them are Fifa 23, Mario Strikers, Party Challenge, Just Danse, Stray, Two Point Campus or even Star Wars and Gran Turismo 7. An opportunity to discover new features and meet the publishers and producers that support the event. Animations and competitions will be organized. Retro games (old video games) will also be the focus of the Calais-based Game Box Association, which is bringing back Pong consoles and its first arcade video games.

Educational and learning games

For the first time, the space will be dedicated to educational and educational video games for visitors to experience. Goal: “Development of learning through play,” explains Stéphane Lecarry, responsible for activities. The public will be able to discover Ubisoft’s Discovery Tour and thus take a journey through Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt and the Viking Age to learn more about the history of those times.

Participants will be able to test video games. GUY DROLET ARCHIVAL PHOTOParticipants will be able to test video games. GUY DROLET ARCHIVAL PHOTO

Professions in video games

Another novelty, the space will be dedicated to the presentation of professions in video games, with the presence of two French schools of video games and animation (3 Axes and XP School), highlighting training courses dedicated to this sector of activity and related digital workshops. professions (Coding Club, Play test, 3D modeling, 3D animation, programming, etc.). The University of the Coast (ULCO), Maison du Numérique, Fabrique Défi (employment support structure) will also be represented. New: drone piloting master class. And always: virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D printing.

Decathlon game…

You’ll also find the Decathlon video game, competitions over two days of the event, and 10 completely different games. With one winner in each tournament and one overall winner from all 10 games to win the competition trophy (free registration directly at the venue).

The Virtual Calais cosplay contest also has its fans. GUY DROLET ARCHIVAL PHOTOThe Virtual Calais cosplay contest also has its fans. GUY DROLET ARCHIVAL PHOTO

…and a cosplay contest

The Calais Cosplay Contest will also return with an individual competition on Saturday and a group competition on stage on Sunday. The winner of the competition will represent Virtual Calais at the Coupe de France de cosplay final in 2023 (registration is free and open to everyone through the website and social media).

Virtual Calais “Reboot”, Saturday 1 October and Sunday 2 October, from 10:00 to 19:00. Free admission. To avoid the crowds and enjoy the experience, prefer mornings and afternoons.

Cinema Alhambra games with an evening of “movie games”

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The Alhambra Cinema is taking part in the Virtual Calais event by hosting a “movie game” night on Saturday, October 1 at 7:30 pm, after the show closes. Go to the cinema in the center. Fans will be able to play on the big screen with Nidhogg, Lovers and Let’s sing. At 21:00, the Japanese animated film One Piece Red will be screened.

At the Alhambra cinema on Rue Jean Jaurès. Prices: 7.5 euros and 4 euros for children under 14.

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