AGI DLC/Pack is available with Update 1.5 for Farming Simulator 22.

Unsurprisingly, the AGI Silos and Conveyor Pack is available for free with Update 1.5, which is also releasing today for Farming Simulator 22.

The free package includes 5 screw and belt conveyors, grain storage silos and a seed treatment system. The latest, AGI STORM FX, allows you to turn harvested grain into agricultural seeds. You should be able to produce your own pallets using AGI Batco or Westfiled tools (eg filling and unloading a planter). And you can say to yourself: “What’s the point, because we are limited in the number of pallets.” Well, patch 1.5 for FS 22 should fix the problem.

Patch 1.5, fixes and optimizations

Giants Software has listened to the community’s input on palette management. And it was unthinkable to release a seed-focused DLC without breaking the limit on the number of palettes that can be displayed in the game.

The exact number is not yet known at the time of writing these few lines. The number of palettes is set to 300 for PC, 150 for Xbox Series and PS5, and 75 for PS4 and Xbox One, but this optimization/fix is ​​finally just a drop of water in an important changelog that should satisfy many players.

Changelog update 1.5 for Farming Simulator 22

  • Added “Manage Production Points” permission for multiplayer games.
  • Added slurry tanks to worker fill options.
  • Added support for multiple sounds for “moving” type animation.
  • Added exit button for tour and tour steps menu on first play.
  • Fixed update of bunker bunkers.
  • Fixed jitter in the ETV 216i chain.
  • Fixed mowing effects still active when the mower is up.
  • Fixed z-ficht on Deutz-Fahr Topliner decals.
  • Fixed loading game saves with custom mod paths.
  • Fixed issue with Salek PN 2-300 material.
  • Fixed missing bags on some pallets in multiplayer.
  • Fixed NPC field and contract updates.
  • Fixed an issue with UTF-8 encoding of the password field.
  • Fixed collision with placeable items.
  • Fixed renaming of some placeable items.
  • Fixed updating the list of servers.
  • Fixed sleep in multiplayer.
  • Fixed audio issues with high frequency audio devices (eg 192kHz).
  • Fixed unloading of trailers for clients joining a multiplayer game.
  • Fixed visibility of vehicle symbols on CLAAS XERION 5000 when changing direction.
  • Corrected display distance on CLAAS XERION 5000.
  • Fixed engine configurations on MF 8S and base weight settings.
  • Fixed the collapse animation after exiting the game while minimizing.
  • Fixed “dead zone” texts in controller settings.
  • Fixed ambient sounds during Midwinter.
  • Fixed forced feedback on Xbox.
  • Improved performance of vines and olives on lower quality material.
  • Improved rotational snapping of placed objects.
  • Increased trailer hitch height on Fendt MT1100.
  • Improved additional bulk price settings for CLAAS XERIO 5000.
  • Pallet limits have been increased.
  • Several visual fixes on NPCs.

Finally, FSR and DLSS technologies are moving to the latest versions (2.0), and the help window at the top left of the HUD now shows the composition of the contents of the mixer bowls when you approach them on foot.

As always, the update takes care of itself, whether you’re on PC on Steam, PlayStation, or Xbox consoles, or even on PC via Giants Software’s launcher. The update will be released on May 24th.

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