AI: artificially created horror movie that drives Internet users crazy

By creating a fake AI-powered horror movie and passing it off as a real David Cronenberg production, this director has angered fans. Miscalculation.

Was the hype stronger than the rest? A fake horror movie created with an online AI tool has been causing controversy over the past few hours.

Fake David Cronenberg movie created by artificial intelligence

We’ve been hearing a lot about AI lately, what it can do and what it can do in the coming years. Like the manga developed through Midjourney, the music video director Keith Schofield wanted to fool his world, but it backfired.

What did Keith Schofield do to become the enemy of tweets? He published a mass of images from the horror film Galaxy of Flesh, which was allegedly directed by David Cronenberg (La Mouche, The Dead Zone…) in 1985. A lost project that resurfaces decades later? No, this is a prank with pictures taken through AI Midjourney (a research laboratory and the name of the artificial intelligence program it developed).

Galaxy of Flesh, fake horror movie without David Cronenberg.

The problem is that David Cronenberg is not an unknown director and he has had an audience that has followed him since his debut in 1969. And inevitably, Keith Schofield’s deception didn’t sit well with Cronenberg fans.

Congratulations on stealing the art to create a fake film that doesn’t look like the work of the person you portray as such.

Via @firagawalkwthme and Gamesradar.

At some point, you should be ashamed.

Via @rolensolitario and Gamesradar.

Using AI to create a fake movie that doesn’t even replicate the director’s style has got to be one of the worst uses of technology I’ve ever seen.

Via @GrustanCoff and Gamesradar.

Artificial intelligence soon everywhere?

This is not the first time that artificial intelligence has hit the film world. Last month, photos of Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn for Joker 2 made the rounds on the internet, but they too were artificially created from existing shots of the singer. The artists at ArtStation denounced the process, challenging Epic Games, who were no more upset, replying that AI is not banned on the platform.

In other cases, we can cite Microsoft’s desire to revolutionize Windows or students who use ChatGPT technology to scam. This even affects video games, as AI can eventually transform your RPGs.

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