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A work of art created by artificial intelligence won first place in a competition in the United States.

Painting, patchwork, sculpture… One of the Colorado State Fair’s annual art competition contestants, Jason M. Allen, a video game designer, created his work not with a brush, but with Midjourney, an artificial intelligence program that transforms lines. text into hyper-realistic graphics. And his work “Space Opera Theater” won a prize in the fair’s competition for emerging digital artists. And that’s for the Digital Art/Digitalized Photography category. A victory that did not fail to evoke a lot of responses from other artists. Some define it as a threat to human artists around the world, others call it a scam.

In short, the AI ​​used for the artwork, Midjourney, can create a digital artwork that would normally take hours or even days to complete, in just a few minutes. “Jason Allen, you are NOT an artist. You have never used real tools. Just texts,” wrote a Twitter user. Another example of a tweet: “The fact that AI can put real artists or people in creative fields out of work is very scary. it pisses me off.” This discussion has started.

Mr. Allen told The New York Times that he made it clear that his work, which was presented as “Jason M. Allen via Midjourney”, was the work of artificial intelligence, and that he would not deceive anyone regarding of its origin. The process of creating this work took him about 80 hours. During this time, artificial intelligence generated 900 images. The artist selected three, tweaked them, and ran prints on canvas to submit to an art competition.

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