“Ai-Da”: what if the artist of the future was a robot?

On October 11, British MPs had the great honor of talking to someone who introduced herself as the first humanoid robot artist. She wears a black wig and denim overalls – only the paint spots are missing – and looks more or less like a woman, although with delightful British sarcasm the Guardian, who reports on this encounter, notes that she looks more like an inflatable doll from the side. on both sides with egg beaters (for hands). Her name is Ai-Da. Like the heroine of a Verdi opera, we say to ourselves. No. In honor of Ada Lovelace (née Ada Byron, daughter of Lord Byron), computer pioneer in the 19th century, creator of the first “programs” for the ancestor of the computer. But what is an artist in the first place? We won’t go that far.

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