AI defeats a human in a real dogfight and it’s scary

News AI defeats a human in a real dogfight and it’s scary

Published on 08/03/2023 at 06:40

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Drones are becoming increasingly important in the military. A much more advanced fight can now be fought against artificial intelligence, and this is of great concern.

Artificial intelligence is better than a fighter pilot

In an article from
South China Morning Post
we discover a test conducted by the Chinese army to demonstrate the offensive and defensive capabilities of fully autonomous AI-piloted drones.

Two remote-controlled aircraft rushed into battle to determine which human or AI would prevail. Thus, the intellect defeated its opponent in the flesh in just 90 seconds. A fight where the real pilot didn’t stand a chance because the AI ​​was too reactive, anticipating all the parries.

Fight on top between human and artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is always one step ahead of humans. Thus, the fight began with the pilot making the first move to gain an advantage. But within a few seconds, the AI ​​understood, interfered and counterattacked, lagging behind the pilot. From there, the man tried everything to survive, even tried to crush the AI, but to no avail…

The fight had to be stopped because the pilot had no chance to get out of it and, most importantly, he would have been dead long ago if the planes were armed. Thus, the conclusion of the experiment is very clear to Professor Huang Juntao, who is in charge of the tests, who explains:

Aircraft with autonomous decision-making capabilities could completely out-compete humans in reaction speed

According to researchers, piloting artificial intelligence in the air is much more difficult than on the ground. The maneuvers are more complex and instantaneous.

It is also the power of AI, which is able to react and make decisions much faster than any human. Especially when encountering a living being, artificial intelligence should not worry about the physical limits of the human body. Changes in direction can be much more rapid and spontaneous. This makes the AI ​​drone even more unpredictable.

AI caring about war zones

The problem is still the capacity for empathic judgment. Indeed, the pilot must make choices in the war zone. Colliding with the pilot in front, the target is obvious, but to make, for example, a ground shot, everything becomes more complicated. There are many additional factors.

This is what worries countries around the world, including China. Artificial intelligence can make the wrong choice and lead to unnecessary loss of life.

The AI ​​should also be able to fight aircraft friendly to humans or non-humans. Therefore, it is necessary not only to concentrate on the enemy, but also to anticipate your plans.

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