AI detection of undeclared pools will become universal – challenges

The Directorate General of Public Finance told AFP on Monday that its device to detect undeclared swimming pools using artificial intelligence has raised about 10 million euros and that it is going to roll it out to all of France.

“The generalization will take place gradually in all departments of France from September,” she clarified, confirming the information of the Parisian.

The device, called Innovative Land, was developed in collaboration with consulting firm Capgemini and US digital giant Google to detect buildings or developments in aerial photographs and check if they are declared and properly taxed. Since last year it has been tested in nine departments (Alpes-Maritimes, Var, Bouches-du-Rhone, Ardèche, Rhône, Haute-Savoie, Morbihan, Maine-et-Loire and Vendée) to detect undeclared pools and found more than 20,000, according to a report from public finance .

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“40 million euros in 2023”

“This amounts to almost 10 million euros of additional revenue for the respective municipalities in 2022 alone,” indicates the general direction of public finance (DGFiP).

Of this €10 million, €5.7 million was collected to correct the lack of taxation in previous years and €4.1 million for the 2022 property tax, which the DGFiP says is a “permanent” resource for municipalities.

She estimates that “local direct tax revenue should amount to almost 40 million euros in 2023” after the system is generalized. “These new resources, which will be partly periodic for local authorities, make the project cost-effective from the second year of its rollout,” she further elaborates, with an estimated cost of €24 million between 2021 and 2023. .

Last September, CGT Finances Publique in Bouches-du-Rhone expressed “concern” about the project, believing it would “save money” and avoid hiring agents in the context of DGFiP’s continuous downsizing for several years. years.

(with AFP)

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