AI is a cultural and not a technological revolution at Societe Generale

Societe Generale is leading a cultural revolution to spread the use of data and artificial intelligence in your organization. “Artificial intelligence is not a technological revolution but a cultural revolution” says Caire Calmejeanne, director of innovation at Société Générale.

The use of data and artificial intelligence is a fundamental movement

“It really is a transformation of the way we do our work in banking. This corresponds to fundamental movements, changes in the customer experience and new entrants arriving on the market and using this data very intensively ”, he analyzes. The manager took stock of the use of data and artificial intelligence at the bank on November 23.

“We already use artificial intelligence on a large scale on a daily basis to serve our customers.”

“Today artificial intelligence is a reality for us. This is something that we are already using on a large scale on a daily basis to serve our customers, ”he says. AI seems to be well accepted by agencies and obvious. “When I talk to our consultants about what they think of AI, people often tell me that it’s not really AI and that it’s just a way to do their job better in the workplace. more customization and integration, that’s great and they want to keep doing it, ”he says.

The chief innovation officer indicates that there are 330 data and artificial intelligence use cases at Societe Generale. “These are cases of industrial production, and not POC [NDLR : preuve de concept] or tests, 170 of these cases use artificial intelligence ”, he explains. Use cases are accelerating, they have almost doubled, being 80% more numerous than in 2019.

A value of 230 million euros for 330 use cases

The value of this global portfolio of 330 boxes is estimated at 230 million euros at the end of 2021 in the Société Générale group with a strong acceleration in 2021. In other words, these use cases have created value for the bank or have done more. efficient. . “We can anticipate that there will be an even stronger acceleration in the coming years because we have learned how to do it and we have also learned to integrate it into our financial reports and our daily trajectories,” announces Claire Calmejeanne.

Approximately fifteen use cases are transversal to various Business Units, between countries

Among these use cases, the director underlines that some fifteen of them are at scale and are transversal to various business units and service units of Societe Generale. “They are not only found in retail banking in France or in retail banking in Russia. They are reused in the group in multiple entities. This is an important figure and it has increased in recent months as we learn to use it between countries. Suddenly, we will be able to capitalize on this work to accelerate the roadmap, ”he says.

The future is about training and easier access to data for everyone. The bank has about 1,000 data experts, including 300 data scientists and data preparers. “It is a cultural revolution in business. This revolution will imply giving everyone access to the data, making them all owners and responsible for this data ”, continues the director. “It is about ensuring that the data that is published is correct, that it is complete and that it can be reused by different services. This is one of the greatest challenges for all companies in the world ”, he points out.

A central platform must allow data to be reused everywhere

Societe Generale’s key challenge is ensuring you have source data that can be reused and exploited across your group. For this, the bank will rely on the platform of the Dataiku company. This platform allows the preparation of data, the automation of reports and the use of artificial intelligence modules that can be shared with different companies. This platform will allow us to advance in the democratization of access to data and artificial intelligence ”, presents Claire Calmejeanne. The bank acquired around 200 user licenses at the group level.

Companies and senior management must change the way they work

The administrator considers that this platform is not reserved for data specialists. “It’s like the next generation Excel spreadsheet. It is these types of principles on which it is a question of training the trades ”, he announces. The goal is for professions to change the way they work. Top management must also change the way they work. It is an entire training system that must be implemented in senior management and operational teams.

For the last 3 years, the bank has formed all its Top 60. The executives worked during sessions on how an artificial intelligence model works, what predictability is or what are the great artificial intelligences that currently exist in the group. “We continue to feed them regularly with use cases, because it really starts with our CEOs, our business managers who put artificial intelligence at the heart of their strategy. To do this, they must acquire new skills as we did in digital, “he says.

All companies must use the data and artificial intelligence platform

All of the bank’s teams are trained and some employees are moving into the data professions. “We have developed a retraining program that lasts a few months in the data business. We hope that by the end of 2022 150 to 200 people will be reformed ”, he indicates. The challenge for Société Générale is that all companies use the Dataiku platform and not that data scientists no longer use it. For example, the goal is for operations teams that perform manual checks during customer authentication processes through KYC (Know Your Customer) to migrate to the use of the platform.

Bank CEOs must change culturally and change their operating model

The innovation director must take her pilgrim staff and meet the different CEOs of the bank and see with them how by changing culturally and changing their operating model, they can develop their profession more quickly and efficiently. After 3 years of work on AI and data, the bank wants to focus on the use cases that have the most potential and scale these AIs to its various business entities. “This will ultimately create the industrial digital heart of our economic models. The important thing is the generation of value and the reuse ”, he comments.

It’s about using the best performing AI and scaling it across the pool. “This is the case of Synoé and Personetix, for example, our challenges are that they are at the size of the organization, so that they are used by our various businesses” he illustrates. The Synoé solution, for example, is used by Société Générale’s Banque Privée France, in addition to the Mon Patrimoine solution. The Mon Patrimoine solution offers clients a complete and detailed view of their financial and non-financial assets, while Synoé offers a digital arbitrage advisory solution tailored to the client’s financial goals and insights.

Personalized advice to clients thanks to AI

As for Personetics, it is a financial data personalization solution developed by a startup and used by Rosbank, a subsidiary of Societe Generale, to promote customer engagement. Through artificial intelligence, this platform provides clients with personalized and accurate advice, based on their financial information and habits, in order to simplify their lives.

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