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Microsoft’s Bing and Google’s Bard have begun testing the latest AI technologies. large language models which impressed OpenAI’s ChatGPT so much. But a much smaller actor Braveadded some of these language processing capabilities directly to his web browser on Thursday with a function summarizing search results.

This function, called Addergenerates abbreviated explanations for questions in certain search results, combining them with links at the bottom of the page to sources of information. It is also designed to provide richer text snippets than the ones you see in more general search results.

Redesign in progress

This is another example of the ongoing restructuring in the search engine industry. For years, Google has added more direct answers for search queries, map display, opening hours, lyrics, and product recommendations, in addition to traditional links to other people’s websites. There AI revolution takes this usefulness to the next level, for example with new Bing search results enhanced with artificial intelligence and sometimes conversational capabilities. scary.

Large language models, such as the one running ChatGPT, are trained to recognize patterns from large amount of text from the Internet. They can produce impressive results, synthesizing coherent sentences and even essay writing on a wide variety of subjects. But IA LLM I don’t know everything and their authoritative tone can be misleading. Brave, which has developed its own LLM for Summarizer, has issued warnings regarding its use.

“It’s very important to remind users not to believe everything that the AI ​​system produces, just like you shouldn’t believe everything that is published on the Internet,” Brave said in About Summarizer. “At the risk of stating the obvious, we must not suspend our critical thinking about everything we consume, no matter how impressive the results of AI models may be. »

Useful results, but far from perfect

In our tests, this provided useful results for some queries like “What is pixel binning?” and “What do the numbers on the sidewalls of the tires mean?” “. But he also struggled to consistently manage time elements for topical issues for example, “What happened to the Chinese spy balloon? and “Will the European Union approve Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision?” »

Brave Offers feedback button for feedback on the results of its Summarizer, and this feature can be turned off in the settings.

Brave Summarizer tries to summarize a website’s information in a presentable way, but it’s not perfect. Screenshot by Stephen Shankland/CNET

Brave is an unusual example of an independent browser, cut out the place despite the dominance of Google Chrome and, to a lesser extent, Apple Safari. The company relies on ChromiumGoogle-led software project that underpins Chrome but created own search engine and his own advertising system.

Brave gained a foothold in the browser market thanks to remove ads by default and tracking technologies on websites and substituting your own confidential advertising technology. About every month 57 million now people use the browser and the search engine built into the browser now handles 22 million requests per day.

Summarizer is now available on desktop and mobile browsers.

Brave Browser is about protecting the privacy of its users. Although the default browser tries to block all ads and trackers, it uses a fun way for users to compensate creators.

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