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  • Artificial intelligence does not make mistakes in spelling or grammar.
  • Artificial intelligence operates on the basis of probabilistic judgments; it accepts the most likely and most frequently occurring explanations. She rarely uses rare words because those rare words are rarely used. His language usually consists of common words.
  • Each algorithm used has its signature, which we can eventually recognize.
  • Artificial intelligence ensures the consistency of its texts, taking into account the context. We do not encounter mixtures of terms without context.
  • AI can write improbable things without any restrictions.

From such observations, here are six services that calculate the degree of probability that the text is written or not written by artificial intelligence, using a kind of inverted Turing test.

We sent them this text, and in all six cases it was certified 99% non-AI.

We can assume that other tools of the same type will soon follow, and that we will end up with AI, each with its own recognizable writing style.

Will they go so far as to imitate the writing style of schoolchildren or children? There is no reason to believe that they cannot, as they already do for art, as with Deep Art Effect.

Illustration: photos of the deposit – Paulfleet

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