AiDot is teaming up with Google to showcase a new Mattercertified smart light bulb at CES 2023.


Several AiDot smart home light bulbs, including the A19 and BR30, have passed Matter certification. The AiDot A19 smart light bulb has been selected to create Google’s demo scenes at CES 2023.

The Google booth at CES 2023 features a Matter Demo Scenario that demonstrates Google’s standard Matter smart home technology and user experience, as well as how consumers will benefit from Matter.

To showcase progress in building Matter devices, Google is encouraging its partners such as AiDot to showcase their Matter prototypes through Google Home and other ecosystems with the following offering features:

Multimodality: Show off your multimodal journey with Google home, with devices controlled by Pixel Watch and displayed on Nest Hub Gen 2, and more.

MultiAdmin Management: Displays devices that can be managed by Google Home (through the Google Home app, Nest Hub Gen2, etc.) and other ecosystems.

Sharing with multiple administrators: For example, device sharing from the Google Home app to Samsung or other compatible apps (on Android).

Matter Device Setup: Quickly pair on Android with the Google Home app, or set up from your app with an Android half sheet.

AiDot has partnered with Google to be one of the first manufacturers to be certified “Works with Google Home” specifically for Matter certified products. Google, a key player in the development of Matter, has already updated its Nest hubs to support the new standard. This means that if you have a Nest hub, you can now easily connect it to a Mattercertified product through the Google Home app. In addition, Matter’s interoperability ensures compatibility with other smart home systems such as Amazon Alexa, SmartThings, and even Apple HomeKit.

In the future, consumers will also be able to easily use AiDot or other mattercompatible apps to control smart devices from various ecosystems such as Google, Samsung, and Apple. They can control their AiDot smart bulbs through Google Home and share these devices through the Samsung SmartThings app, allowing customers to control their smart home devices in a flexible and convenient way, no matter which ecosystem they belong to.

Consumers can easily set up Matter protocol compatible AiDot smart devices with the Quick Pair Matter feature. Use quick pairing to set up your AiDot smart devices through the Google Home app. this will allow you to quickly and easily add new smart devices to your home.

The Matter protocol multiple administration feature is the key to allowing you to control your smart devices through multiple smart home systems at the same time. You can connect your smart products to different applications or systems at the same time. For example, you can turn on the smart light from the AiDot app, change the color of the light with a voice command on Alexa, and turn it off from the Smartthings app. Whether you’re a new user looking to get your smart home up and running or a power user with regular smart devices and apps, you’ll benefit from the interoperability of the Matter protocol. In the future, unlimited connectivity across brands and platforms will make it easy to find your favorite devices and control systems.

The key benefit of Matter is that it runs on your local network, not in the cloud. It also makes it easier for users to set up and manage smart home devices as they can operate directly from the local network, allowing for faster and more reliable communication between devices, as well as better privacy and security for users.

AiDot’s Musical Rhythm feature uses a similar principle of local interconnection. Through this preferred LAN for communication between devices, several different types of AiDot lighting fixtures, such as light bulbs, ceiling lights, entertainment tapes, TV background tapes, etc., can be synchronized and controlled without the use of an external network, allowing AiDot Function music rhythm to achieve stereo dynamic effect without delay via LAN. This feature requires local device support. If consumers have AiDot light bars synchronized with the TV and the corresponding settop boxes, they can perform the magic effect of interconnection and control of multiple smart lighting fixtures in different spatial locations, and perform the synergistic spatial rhythm of sound and light effects.

In the future, AiDot will release more Matter version smart devices. In addition to smart bulbs, other smart lighting fixtures, sockets, sensors, and humidifiers, all of these smart devices will support Matter.

As a smart home company, AiDot has the foresight and strong confidence to expand multibrand product lines to fully embrace Matter, help green brands enrich Matter’s product categories, and create a more open and humane smart home ecology. AiDot has joined the Connectivity Standards Alliance and will continue to promote the Material Protocol as a member in the future.

AiDot has been active in the smart home field for a long time and has developed a number of smart home product lines, such as smart lighting, security devices, personal health and so on.

The AiDot app for iOS was certified by the Connectivity Standards Alliance for Matter last week and can now be found in the Apple AppStore. In addition to the A19 BR30 smart light bulb, which is already available for preorder on the official AiDot website, AiDot will also release other Mattercompatible hardware products such as table lamps and smart plugs in the future.

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