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How does this home air conditioner work?

This air conditioner produces cold air in a fairly simple way. A battery-powered fan blows air into the ice-filled cooler. Then cold air is expelled through pipes at each end, and a cool breeze greets the person resting at both ends, at least until the ice melts…

Here is the required material:

How to make an air conditioner?

Track fan location : Place the batteries in the fan, then place it in the center of the cover on the cooler. Outline the fan with a marker.

Image credit: Alina Bradford

Drill cover : Make a hole in the center of the drawn circle. This will make it easier to cut the circle with a circular saw.

Image credit: Alina Bradford

Cutting a hole for the fan : Place the saw blade in the hole and draw a line connecting the hole to the circle. Continue cutting along the circumference of the circle.

Image credit: Alina Bradford

Position fan : Place a fan in the hole to blow air inside the cooler. Secure it with duct tape or a suitable adhesive.

Image credit: Alina Bradford

track locationt pipes : Place a curved tube on each side of the cooler and loop around it.

Image credit: Alina Bradford

Drill and cut a hole for pipes : Drill a hole in the circle as you did for the lid. Cut holes for pipes with a circular saw.

Image credit: Alina Bradford

Place pipes : Insert the elbow pipes into the holes Make sure that the ends point upwards. Attach the pipe to the hole with tape around the edges, as you did for the fan.

Image credit: Alina Bradford

Add ice : The last step is to fill the cooler with ice, close the lid, secure the external battery with tape and turn on the fan. The air conditioner should blow very cold air for 10 minutes.

Descriptive video to fully understand the appeal

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