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Arbitrum’s blockchain network airdrop has been highly anticipated, with the cryptocurrency startup confirming that over one billion ARB tokens will be distributed to eligible people on March 23, 2023.

We remind you that a crypto airdrop is a transfer of free cryptocurrency from a crypto project to users’ wallets.

Arbitrum is an L2 scaling solution for Ethereum.

To find out if you can get free ARB tokens through the Arbitrum giveaway, just go to and connect your crypto wallet (Metamask, …).

Beware of many scammers on the Internet and social networks, be sure to use the official website of the Arbitrum blockchain network.

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The airdrop has not started yet, applications will start on March 23rd, until then, you can check your balance below. 💙 “, indicates the Arbitrum team on their official Twitter account.

10 billion ARB tokens

As for the ARB cryptocurrency, a total of 10 billion ARB tokens will be issued, according to the team’s website.

1.162 billion ARB tokens will be distributed to the crypto wallets of those eligible to participate in this Arbitrum giveaway.

airdrop arbitrage arbitrage 2023

See you on March 23, 2023 at the long-awaited Arbitrum airdrop.

Arbitrum also indicates that the wallet address will be able to receive the maximum 10200 ARB through this airdrop.

If you would like to learn more about this giveaway and whether you can benefit from it, please login to

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