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When creating crypto projects, whether it is a DeFi project or the creation of a new blockchain, many offer free tokens to the first users, this is called Airdrop. Aptos has been making a lot of noise lately offering tokens to its users. Don’t miss the next giveaways with our article.

Airdrop in cryptocurrencies

This week, the announcement of the Aptos blockchain mainnet caused a stir in the crypto community. Not without reason, the day after the launch, it was possible to receive a large airdrop of the APT token in the amount of at least $1,000.

Did you miss it? You don’t necessarily arrive too late, there will be distributions soon. Airdrop is quite common in the crypto world and can be lucrative. In 2021, when it debuted, many protocols used this technique: Uniswap, PoolTogether, 1inch, LooksRare… But what is an airdrop?

When a protocol creates its own token, it can give away part of it for free to reward people who are considered “early adopters”, i.e. those who have been there from the beginning.

After a period of stagnation, the popularity of airdrops has returned with the emergence of second-tier options based on Ethereum (ETH). Optimism will be the first to enter the airdrop phase, but many others are expected to follow in the coming months.

Pixels XYZ: play more to earn more

Pixels is an MMORPG set in the metaverse. Inspired by childhood favorites like Stardew Valley and Runescape, Pixels lets you turn your NFTs into virtual currency!

From what we understand at the beginning, we will have to own NFTs in order to earn cryptocurrencies that can be traded. But the Whitepaper explains to us that we can play even without NFT, we only need to have a Metamask account.

The game is simple, you just have to play

Airdrop rules

The rules are simple, you have to play to score and be among the top 20,000 players.

As you play and gain points, you will grow rapidly, and after 3 days of intense farming, you will be able to qualify for an airdrop.

Level Zero: Internet Protocol

Layer Zero is not a blockchain, so it allows for cross-chain tasks. Very useful, for example, during a bridge. Thus, it provides interoperability between multiple blockchains, allowing them to interact with each other more easily. Unique project.

For example, LayerZero recently raised $135 million with players like Coinbase. To qualify for this giveaway, we encourage you to use applications that use LayerZero, such as the Aptos bridge, and participate in various DAO offers.

Hippo Laboratories


Hippo Labs is building an aggregation layer for the Aptos ecosystem. Hippo Labs is building a transaction aggregator that allows users to find the best transaction rates among multiple DEXs in the Aptos ecosystem.

While Aptos is still in its infancy, we’ve already seen half a dozen DEXs with their technology. Hippo Labs wants to link all DEXs so that users always have access to the best trading rates in the Aptos ecosystem.

AirDrop is just a rumor at the moment, but it might be worth doing some swaps just in case.

Fewcha – airdrop of the first wallet on Aptos?

Fewcha is the first wallet directly on the Aptos blockchain.

Fewcha is very likely to disperse through the air quite quickly. To qualify for this giveaway, create a wallet by going to the Fewcha website, then download the Chrome wallet app and send a few APT dollars to this digital wallet.

To protect this Airdrop potential, interact with the protocols.

That’s it for the AirDrops cryptocurrencies that could take place in the coming weeks, tell us in the comments if you arrived after the Aptos train. The information provided in this article is not investment advice, anyone can use it and every investment comes with the risk of losing everything.

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