Airvida E1 wearable air purifier and noise canceling headphones

This week ible has released a unique combination of wearable air purifier and noise canceling headphones in the form of the Airvida E1. Weighing only 42 grams and comfortable to wear for several hours, the battery life can last more than 8 hours with the air, cleaning and headphone functions on, and without music playback, the battery life increases to more than 30 hours.

portable air purifier

portable air purifier

“Due to the impact of the pandemic, people have started to show more concern about airflows. Airvida E1 can generate up to 6 million negative ions/cm³ around the user’s face area every 0.6 seconds. With ible’s unique ecoionic Breathing Pathway technology, Airvida E1 produces negative ions that can break and break the carbonhydrogen bond of the coronavirus and inactivate them immediately. In addition, these negative ions can also attach to incoming particles and turn them into larger, heavier pieces that fall to the ground. This mechanism can reduce inhaled airborne coronavirus, PM2.5, pollen, allergen, and bacteria.”

“The Airvida E1 app can provide instant PM2.5 and pollen information based on the user’s location. It can also remind users to turn on the air purification function or adjust the negative ion level (2 million/4 million/6 million negative ions) when needed. The Airvida E1 is suitable for passengers and can also be placed on a stand to be used as a desktop air purifier even in the office.

This brand new concept was defined by the Japan Good Design judges, making the Airvida E1 the only wearable air purifier to win the 2021 Good Design Award (Japan). The jury of this award is very positive about Airvida E1 and wishes that Airvida E1 will become a pioneer in the epidemic prevention market.”
Source: ibl

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