Alain Fisher answers our readers’ questions about vaccinations

Vaccination: Alain Fischer, Mr of the Government for Vaccines, answers our questions – 20 minutes

  • After a very gradual opening, all adults can now have access to the Covid-19 vaccination.
  • From June 15, French people aged 12 to 18 will be able to inject.
  • The duration of immunity, the effectiveness of vaccines, side effects, mandatory vaccination … Alain Fischer answered the questions of our Internet users.

New offer every week. The Covid-19 vaccine campaign has gone through many twists and turns from its launch in late December to its expansion to all adults on May 31. To the point where some French people find it difficult to navigate …

While accelerating vaccinations offers hope for a quieter summer,
Alain Fisherappointed by the government to coordinate this campaign against Covid-19, has begun to develop the project 20 minutes. And answered the questions of our netizens.

Melanie, 38 years old: “Vaccinations for children between the ages of 12 and 18 will be open from June 15, when half of the French adult population will remain vaccinated. Aren’t we in danger of punishing people who are at greater risk? “

No, otherwise they would not have made such a decision! Fortunately, for those most at risk, vaccinations are far advanced. It makes sense to start with teenagers, and this will happen gradually.

I would very much like the school to participate. Without asking teachers to vaccinate. Even school doctors and nurses, which are few. But opening the vacations for doctors and nurses in schools and universities. This also allows us to talk about vaccination in general. So in the UK, it was possible to vaccinate 80% of adolescents against human papillomavirus infection (HPV).

Jean-Michel, 71: “The AstraZeneca vaccine is less effective (especially against varieties). However, it is prescribed to people most at risk due to their age. Isn’t this a clinical deviation, justified by an economic one: the stock should be sold? “

This is not a cheap vaccination. Currently in France, the British variant is responsible for 80% of infections. However, AstraZeneca is just as effective against this variant as messenger RNA vaccines.

“Manufacturers are looking to recall the goods in the fall. But everyone has their own business! “

Albessar, 60: “How long does the vaccine give us immunity? “

Good question ! What we know from clinical trials is that the protection is stable for six months. There is reason to hope that this will go far beyond the scope. A French study shows that thirteen months after infection, most people still have antibodies. But this does not allow us to say that in a year we will have protective immunity.

Dr. Alain Fischer indoor 20 minutes, June 3, 2021 – Olivier Yuschak

Clementine, 28: “Do you think we should get vaccinated every six months or every year? “

Not every six months. Manufacturers are looking to recall the product in the fall. But everyone has their own business! Therefore, no precipitation, with the exception of a specific vaccination option for a healthy population. The question arises about the recall at the end of the year of the elderly and, of course, the carers.

Nicholas, 37: “(Having been) Covid for a long time since March 2020, I haven’t had a chance to get tested. What to do in this case – one or two doses of the vaccine? “

Dose. You can also do a serological test. In addition, in June we will offer a rapid serological test at vaccination centers. If the person has antibodies, there will only be one injection, so the doses are kept. We will test this first. To see if it bothers people and if we are wasting our time. Apart from this particular case, there is no reason to conduct a serological test. Especially after the vaccine …

Gachet, 38: “I got my first injection of Pfizer, but two weeks later I contracted Covid-19 with symptoms. Should a second injection be given, and if so, when? “

Probably not. But this is not something solid. With common sense, we think that a vaccine, then an infection, is two doses.

Dr. Alain Fisher indoors 20 minutes June 3, 2021.
Dr. Alain Fischer indoor 20 minutes, June 3, 2021 – Olivier Yuschak

Simon, 33: “After being vaccinated, you can get infected and transmit the virus. So how does it protect others? “

After a full vaccination, the risk of infection does not completely disappear. Vaccines that work 100%, I do not know of any. But the level of protection of RNA vaccines from a severe form is 95%, and from infection – 90%.

For a long time, we talked about caution, because we did not have data on post-vaccination transmission. Today there is strong evidence of vaccination in Israel, Qatar. We can reassure: we protect ourselves and protect others.

“It would be unethical to vaccinate teenagers instead of adults.”

Schwaller, 54: “Shouldn’t we make vaccinations mandatory instead of vaccinating adolescents or even children on the pretext that adults are not fulfilling their role in protecting children? “

It would be unethical to vaccinate teenagers instead of adults. But this is not “instead of”, but “in addition”. Imagine that we manage to vaccinate 100% of adults, it would be nice to vaccinate adolescents. Because they play a role in the transmission of the virus. Thus, vaccinated, they will participate in this collective defense.

But there are two more arguments. First, due to Covid-19, adolescents can have an inflammatory condition called PIMS. It’s rare – 125 teenagers in France a year – but if we can avoid it, it’s better that way. The second reason, in my opinion, is the strongest: many adolescents, unfortunately, have suffered and are suffering due to the decline in school attendance. Some have dropped out of school, while others develop mental disorders.

What about mandatory vaccinations? Emmanuel Macron replied “not at this stage” …

We must keep working to build commitment. We have made great progress. Today, hesitant or rebellious people make up about 20%. Four months ago we were at 50%. Thanks to the ripple effect, vaccination is becoming the norm.

Still, there are people who do not want to be vaccinated. The first task is to explain to everyone, and especially to young people, that they must do this: it is in their interests to return to normal life. Skipping health will also be an incentive.

Another point is to appeal to those groups of the population that want but cannot. We see that there are some people over 80 who are at home and find it difficult to move around, and we have to go to them. But this also applies to some chronic at-risk patients such as obesity, psychiatric illness, and drug addiction. Unstable people in migrant homes.

Compulsory vaccinations will only be justified if, after all this effort – which brings us to a decline – we have insufficient vaccination coverage and the epidemic spirals out of control. This will be a last resort.

Dr. Alain Fisher indoors 20 minutes June 3, 2021.
Dr. Alain Fischer indoor 20 minutes, June 3, 2021 – Olivier Yuschak

Silva, 36 years old: “Why in the beginning 70% of vaccinated people were necessary to achieve herd immunity, and now you claim 90%? “

Because new options make the disease more contagious. The patient infected with the initial virus 3. The British variant – 4, and the Indian – 4. Thus, today, to achieve herd immunity, at least 75% of the population of all ages, that is, 90% of adults, will be required.

“It is irresponsible to believe that this is ‘just’ an old man’s illness.”

Roberto, 52: “If pharmaceutical companies refuse to acknowledge the side effects, why should I risk taking this experimental treatment if I’m not at risk? “

I don’t think you can say that the industry cannot be sued if it defaults. We, of course, have a small return on time, but an impressive value with hundreds of millions of injections. Never before has a vaccine been so closely monitored. No serious complications have been observed. Except for AstraZeneca thrombosis, which is very rare.

On the other hand, the risk of illness, deaths, hospitalizations, long-term covid is known … This is a disease that poisons everyone’s life. The overwhelming majority of people admitted to intensive care today are younger than 70 years old, and in real life – younger than 50 years old. It is irresponsible to believe that this is “just” a disease of the elderly …

Sebastian, 40: “What do you know about the medium to long term side effects of messenger RNA vaccines? “

In the case of vaccines in general, side effects are immediate. Not six months later, but a year later. Things were announced, but inaccurate. For example, complications associated with aluminum adjuvant. [il n’y a pas d’adjuvant dans les vaccins à ARN messager]… RNA is used to make protein and is cleaved in three days. This is unlikely to cause any particular problems.

People with cancer have been receiving messenger RNA vaccines for several years. In addition, RNA is used to treat certain rare diseases. In this case, these patients receive doses of RNA 5000 times the dose of RNA from vaccines … and every month. This is a fantastic scientific breakthrough that will help us get out of the pandemic.

Armel, 66: “Why isn’t the post-vaccination Covid case data published? “

This means that we are hiding something. It is known that protection occurs two weeks after the first dose. Undoubtedly, there were cases during this period. It is not adhered to on a day-to-day basis, but these few cases do not question the effectiveness of the vaccines.

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