Alan buys a personal development app and launches a dedicated mental health service

The French insurer Alan, which offers complementary health insurance to companies and the self-employed, announced on Tuesday, September 21, the acquisition of the American company Jour for an amount of 20 million euros. This is the first acquisition of the insurer founded in 2016, which raised 185 million euros last April. Jour is a mobile app for wellness and personal development, which raised € 1.8 million in seed capital in 2019, and works on the diary principle.

CBT in mobile app mode

Alan supports this acquisition with the launch of Alan Mind, a new business support service dedicated to the mental health of its employees. Provides daily exercises, themed group sessions and access to individual therapeutic support (4 sessions paid for by the employer). Alan Mind is based on the techniques of Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

Alan will provide companies adopting the service with anonymous reports on “organization specific topics”, aimed at organizing prevention workshops. Alan Mind is available from 5 euros per month per employee. The first clients are Brut, Joone, Talk, Opal and Bioserenity.

How far should the employer go?

Assurtech has already reimbursed up to 5 psychologist visits per year. It also reimburses a limited sum for subscriptions to meditation apps since 2018, and has provided free psychological assistance over the phone since 2020.

According to an OpinionWay survey in March 2021, 45% of employees say they are in “psychological distress” and 36% say they suffer from depression. Which leads to more work stoppages. However, is it up to employers to address the issue of their employees’ mental health? “We are convinced that the company has a key role to play for the well-being of its employees,” said Jean-Charles Samuelian, Alan’s CEO. According to some studies and work psychologists, the well-being of employees depends primarily on a work organization that does not generate psychosocial risks.

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