Alan Wake: Video compares the new graphics to the original game

While the sequel may not be part of the Remedy Entertainment team’s immediate plans, the development studio is one step closer to making its fans’ wishes come true with the release of a remastered version of “Alan Wake”, one of your most popular games. . It will return to consoles ten years after its initial release.

As part of the preparations for this early release, the Xbox team released a special video in which we can see a comparison between the visual work of “Alan Wake” in its original version for Xbox 360 and its remastering on Xbox One, in addition to the have new graphics in its games section, it will also have improved kinematics.

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“Alan Wake Remastered” has undoubtedly featured enhancements that showcase the tremendous work of the Remedy Entertainment team, which seeks to provide an enjoyable experience for fans of the original title, as well as those who wish to participate in it. first time. That is why the game will even be available for the first time to PlayStation users.

According to the official description provided by Remedy Entertainment, “Alan Wake” tells the story of a famous horror writer tormented after the disappearance of his wife during a vacation they both took to the quiet town of Bright Falls, where an evil presence lurks. from the dark.

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“Discover enhanced visuals, refined character models, and greater ambient detail in a remastering of the classic Remedy Entertainment game,” reveals the game’s description, confirming that its two story expansions: “The Signal” and “The Writer, which also have been completely redesigned in 4K.

“Alan Wake Remastered” has a release date scheduled for October 5 for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X / S and PC users. Currently, there is speculation about the possibility of seeing a sequel to the game in the future, although so far the Remedy team has not denied or confirmed it.

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