Alcohol: safe driving

You planned not to drink, but you finally give in to temptation. Don’t panic, there are several ways to avoid driving.

The holiday season encourages alcohol consumption. Whether it’s with friends, at an office Christmas party, or at a family dinner, the basic rule remains the same: drink or drive, you’ll have to choose. But sometimes it is difficult to stick to it … What to do?

Quebec has a simple blood-alcohol rule for under-22s and for several categories of drivers: zero tolerance. For others, the law stipulates that the driver must have an alcohol level of less than 80 mg per 100 ml of blood (0.08). This tolerance level is a sign that your abilities may be impaired if your blood alcohol level is below this threshold.

The Éduc’alcool website, for its part, recommends waiting before driving until the alcohol level drops to 50mg (0.05).

In order not to expose yourself to unnecessary risk, why not take a taxi, especially if you are not sure that you are below the legal threshold?

CAA-Quebec Taxi Service

The Canadian Automobile Association of Quebec (CAA) offers a free taxi service to CAA-Quebec members. The patrolman will tow your car and take you to your destination within a radius of 25 km. The only downside is that the service is only offered to CAA members. People traveling with you cannot be accompanied at the same time. All members are eligible to enjoy the ride using the four roadside assistance interventions included in the annual subscription, which costs $8 pre-tax per month and entitles you to other benefits.

Operation Red Nose

By far the most famous escort service in Quebec, Opération Nez rouge, is free. You must visit the website to find a phone number to call in your area. Introduced across Canada, Nez rouge will be offered in 50 Quebec regions until December 31st. “Our service relies on the work of volunteers, so sometimes there are busier evenings and therefore longer waiting periods,” said Marilyn Vignot, director of communications and partnerships at Opération Nez rouge. She advises scheduling a designated driver, calling a taxi, calling a friend, or even spending the night at the party grounds if we can get organized. Volunteers work in teams of three: “They can pick up as many people as there are seat belts in your car, providing two volunteers with you in the car,” explains the representative of the organization. She suggests installing a mobile app on your mobile phone, as some regions have waiting times, which helps people get organized.

4 riding seasons

The service, which has been in existence since 2009, offers a 5:00 pm to 4:00 am drive home with a $20 annual subscription, plus travel expenses starting at $21 per ride. But be organized as it may take your tour leader over 30 minutes to meet you. He or she can wait for you for 10 minutes at the meeting point free of charge. If you make him wait longer, $50 will be added to the bill and the total must be paid in cash. The service is offered on the island and south shore of Montreal. There’s an event plan starting at $299 – a great option for organizers who want everyone to return home safely.

Zero tolerance

This service, like Nez rouge, serves the nine regions of Quebec: Saguenay, Center du Québec, Estri, Mauricy, Chaudière-Appalache, Monteregie, Capital Nacional, Houtaouet and Baie-Comeau. To meet the demand in the regions, the service is offered by independent public organizations called TZ. An annual subscription is required to use the service. TZ also offers a family plan: in Morisi, for example, the annual subscription is $75 per person and $125 for the family plan. You can also subscribe to the service for the first time for $80, which will allow you to be accompanied in any situation. Once Tolérance Zéro has contacted you, the organization will find a guide and contact you to arrange care.

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