Alibaba offers the very first virtual tour of the Louvre live

Alibaba announced this Friday, September 25, 2020 that it has partnered with the Louvre to broadcast a live virtual tour of the palace and its famous masterpieces. Via the Fliggy platform, launched in December 2019 and dedicated to travel services, the Chinese giant offered a virtual tour of the museum’s most emblematic rooms.

Lasting two hours, this live stream presented Chinese Internet users with The Venus de Milo, the Crown Jewels, the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci, among other works. 380,000 spectators were present from the first minute of the broadcast, according to Alibaba. A device which aims for the museum to maintain a “special link“with the Chinese public, according to the statement.

2 million Chinese tourists to France in 2018

This initiative is part of the overall strategy of the Alibaba group, which nurtures great commercial ambitions driven by Franco-Chinese relations. The leading destination for Chinese tourists in Europe, France welcomed two million of them in 2018.

While it is not possible to travel to France, we wish to share with the Chinese public, thanks to this initiative, the pleasure of walking in the Louvre, the former palace of the kings of France where the most beautiful works in the world are gathered. , and thus give the possibility of traveling in a virtual way, while waiting for the resumption of international flights to come“, declared Jean-Luc Martinez, Chairman and Director of the Louvre Museum.

36,000 live travel streams since February

The Covid-19 has reinforced certain initiatives such as those carried by Fliggy. Live broadcast technology, “reference tool for tourist attractions around the world“, allows structures like the Louvre to maintain exchanges with Chinese tourists while waiting for a return to normal and a resumption of international tourism.

Fliggy has hosted more than 36,000 live travel streams and has reached over 520 million viewers since February. Alibaba’s subsidiary brings together more than 400 airlines and travel agents, 8,000 locations, 600,000 hotels and hostels, as well as hundreds of thousands of entertainment activities. The platform, which takes advantage of the Alibaba ecosystem, has also positioned itself as a partner of tourism players. Livestreaming sessions have already taken place at the Palace of Versailles, the British Museum, as well as the Prado Museum this summer.

Aude Chardenon


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