Alice Madness Return: American McGee says he’s ready for a third installment, the rest depends on EA

Game news Alice Madness Return: American McGee says he’s ready for a third installment, the rest depends on EA

After his beginnings at idSofware, where he was a level designer on well-known series such as Quake and Doom, American McGee wanted to stand on his own feet. Great good for him in fact since he will land at Electronic Arts to occupy the position of creative director on a project that will follow him for many years.

This production is none other than American McGee’s Alice, released on December 15, 2000 in Europe, i.e. a revised version from the Alice in Wonderland series of novels both much darker and much more violent.

In the game in question, Alice’s family dies in a fire on the family estate and the heroine is found, five years later, in a psychiatric clinic while she is in a coma. In an interior journey, Alice manages to return to Wonderland except that the latter is not what it was, modified and distorted by her own mind.

American McGee will give it a sequel in June 2011: Alice Madness Return or Alice: Return to the land of madness. This time, Alice manages to get out of the clinic to live in a home for orphans suffering from trauma. Still a victim of hallucinations, Alice returns to explore Wonderland in search of information about her past.

Here we are again 10 years later and American McGee says it is now ready to develop a third game, titled Alice: Asylum, which will explore three temporalities (past, present and future) around the heroine.

Like many of us, American McGee discovered the Dead Space reboot / remake announcement yesterday and reacted in his own way with a few tweets. According to him, the return of Dead Space will make room for the return of old IPs, and he hopes his turn will come soon.

My goal is to come up with a production / design plan, get that plan approved by EA, and then raise funds to develop a new game.

While I (and Alice fans) would have liked EA’s next horror project to be a new Alice game, it at least keeps us moving up the queue.

At some point in the future, EA executives will be screaming “more products are needed!” and someone will say “Alice?” And we will be ready! “

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