AliExpress, Wish: The low price tag, is it over?

At 1er July 2021, the prices of products purchased online on these platforms will increase by 20%. Why ? Because a new tax will be implemented at the initiative of the European Commission.

What to review certain consumption habits that have developed strongly during the health crisis.

The European Commission, via this new tax called Import Control system 2 (ICS2), targets orders on e-commerce sites from Asia. Concretely, this is the end of small orders delivered from China at unbeatable prices.

VAT for everyone

In detail, residents of the European Union have until now only paid VAT on parcels with a value of more than 22 euros. With this new measure, all parcels from countries outside the European Union will be taxed from the first euro.

E-commerce sites that authorize orders of this type will henceforth be considered “buyers-resellers” and no longer “transparent intermediaries”.

Amazon and AliExpress are committed to compliance with sales, tax, and customs reporting regulations. But the regulars of these e-commerce sites have noted in recent months the possibility for a large number of products to be delivered from Spain, or even France, instead of China or Russia. What to put into perspective the effects of the announcement.

Marketplaces also affected

The decision also concerns marketplaces that have established themselves on the street via well-identified brands in France: Fnac / Darty, or even Cdiscount, and the Amazon marketplace of course.

Finally, it should be noted that some e-commerce sites are already warning of delays in deliveries because of controls which will multiply.

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