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Launched on Coursera in 2018, the IT Support Professional Certification opened the Google Professional Certification Program. Since then, the web giant has sought to offer professionals and students training to acquire skills at an affordable price, with the aim of remedying the talent shortage in the technology sectors. Today, it offers six certifications, in high-demand technology areas: IT support, data analytics, project management, IT automation, UX design, and Android development.

These certifications were developed by subject matter experts and experienced Google professionals. Completely online, they are usually obtained in six months or less and require little to no programming or technology experience. Enrollees have access to resume building tools, professional matching services, and interview preparation materials. Certification candidates can also connect with potential employers at more than 130 companies through the Google Employers Consortium.

Should you choose a Google certification?

Google certifications can help generate job opportunities, especially for people who are struggling in the job market. Google’s report titled “2019 Certificate Impact Report” shows that 60% of candidates for professional certifications were traditionally discriminated populations. In addition, 57% of the students that year did not have a college degree of four years or more.

After Google certification, students usually move on to IT support, data analyst, web developer, UX designer, or project manager positions. These growing careers, where demand is high, are paying well. In addition, most of these positions allow teleworking and demonstrate resilience in times of crisis, such as the Covid-19 pandemic.

Advantages and disadvantages of a Google certification

Prospective applicants should consider all the pros and cons of Google’s professional certification programs. With the improvement of e-learning technologies and their more widespread acceptance, many students view online certifications and boot camps as good alternatives to college degrees. However, some employers remain skeptical.

The biggest advantages of Google Professional Certifications are their relatively low cost, remote accessibility, and asynchronous format. According to Google, most students spend 10 hours or less a week doing it. These programs, which cost 32 euros a month, are delivered asynchronously, allowing you to work at your own pace, adjust to busy schedules, and earn a degree in three to six months.

However, these programs do not carry the same credit as multi-year college degrees, and some employers do not give them the same value. On the other hand, they enable many professionals to acquire applicable technology skills that demonstrate to employers their strong ethics and thirst for knowledge in a particular technology field.

What professional certifications does Google currently offer?

Google offers six professional certification programs, each of which corresponds to high-growth technology career training. Data analysis, project management, UX design, IT support … here are the details of these programs.

Analysis of data

The Google Data Analytics certification, in data analytics, prepares for positions in fields such as finance, technology, healthcare, or entertainment. Holders of this certification often hold positions of junior data scientist, business intelligence analyst, or financial analyst. You do not need to have experience in structured query languages ​​or related fields to successfully complete this program.

The program includes courses in essential data analysis tools and skills, including courses in R, the open source programming language. Other required courses include some that focus on data-driven decisions, data through the art of visualization, and a synthesis course. Most students complete this program in less than six months, for a fee of 32 euros per month.

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Project management

The Google Project Management certification, in project management, does not require any prior knowledge or experience in project management. The program teaches agile project management software, strategic communication, and problem solving skills, as well as Scrum techniques.

With over 140 hours of instruction, project management students gain experience with management simulations and hands-on projects. The required courses in project management include project execution and a final synthesis course.

It takes less than six months to obtain this certification, which costs 32 euros per month. Graduates generally become project managers, scrum masters, or project coordinators.

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UX design

The Google UX Design certification, which also costs 32 euros per month, allows its students to acquire the necessary skills to work on the user experience of different products: applications, websites, but also physical objects. The program offers seven courses and more than 200 hours of training, for six months of training or less. Required courses include user experience (UX) design processes, prototyping and low-fidelity wireframes, as well as web design in Adobe XD.

With certification in hand, graduates move on to UX researcher, UX designer, or UI designer positions in the fields of finance, technology, or even advertising. With the growing popularity of UX-centric roles, we can expect a 13% growth in available positions by 2030.

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Informatic support

Google’s IT Support Certification in IT Support prepares you for leadership positions in businesses, government agencies, and schools in just six months. Graduates are eligible for positions such as help desk technicians, database administrator, and IT technician. By 2030, jobs in this sector are expected to grow by 13%.

In addition to the highly demanded career opportunities, this certification prepares students for CompTIA A + certification. For € 32 per month, they take five courses, including IT infrastructure services and systems administration, operating systems, and IT security, in six months or less.

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Computer automation and Python

With courses in Python and fundamental concepts of IT programming, Github, and troubleshooting, Google’s IT automation certification prepares you for the IT support specialist and junior systems administrator positions. Most students obtain the certification, at 32 euros a month, in six to eight months.

The program offers six courses, including an introduction to Git and Github, debugging techniques, and task automation with Python. It is not intended for candidates without basic knowledge of data management, networks, and operating systems, who should consider Google’s IT support program.

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Android Partner Developer

This program is intended for people interested in debugging, maintaining, or building Android applications. This program is remotely self-administered and can be followed without any programming experience. It takes five to six months to complete. The free online study guide covers the basics, layouts, navigation, and internet connection of Kotlin.

Students must take the Google certification exam to earn the developer designation. The online exam, which costs $ 149, covers five main categories: data management, user interface, application functionality, debugging, and testing. Upon completion of the program and exam, students may occupy positions in computer systems design and related services.

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What are Google’s resources for developing a career?

Students in Google’s professional certification programs have access to a variety of free tools for job seekers. During and after the program, they can take advantage of job search tips and virtual workshops on resume writing, job search, networking, and interview strategies.

An Employer Consortium for Google Certifications

This consortium of employers strives to match non-traditional job seekers with strong job opportunities. Participating companies benefit from access to Google’s job board and recruiting tools to post job openings, including email campaigns to hire the right talent. Nationally recognized employers participate in this program, including SiriusXM, Accenture, Best Buy, T-Mobile, Verizon, and Bank of America. Employers can join this consortium for free and submit an interest form in seconds.

How much does a Google professional certification cost?

The Google certification programs offered by Coursera cost $ 32 per month. Since these courses are self-managed, students who complete their course more quickly will pay less than those who take longer.

The “Android Partner Developer” certification works differently: the learning material is free, but the exam is paid and costs $ 149.

Are there free Google certifications?

Google offers free trials, but certification programs are paid. Only Android Developer Program training materials are free.

Are Google IT certifications worth it?

Yes. According to Google, 82% of people with these certifications report positive professional development within six months of completing the program.

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