All doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine were administered in Estri.

At the same time, it calls into question the vaccination of people aged 45 to 59 years. Primary vaccination is also interrupted.

According to the CIUSSS, 25,470 doses of AstraZeneca vaccine and 5,500 doses of Covishield vaccine (Indian version of AstraZeneca) have been administered in Estri so far.

Reached the catch-up we were to achieve, supports Jean Delisle, director of vaccination at Estrie, pointing out that more than a third of the population is currently vaccinated.

In addition, Jean Delisle supports that approximately 86% of staff with close contact (with patients) were reached.

Thousands of appointments available

If AstraZeneca is not currently part of the vaccination arsenal, Estri should receive about 50,000 doses of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines over the next month. As a result, thousands of appointments are currently available in Estri.

Jean Delisle also recalls that planning has begun for the reception of pregnant women and people with disabilities. Regarding the latter group, Jean Delisle admits that it didn’t go crazyand that CIUSSS is further improving its communication to better reach them. We plan to vaccinate this group, which should be combined into certain family-type resources.– he emphasizes.

There are categories of people with disabilities who can get the Pfizer vaccine between the ages of 16 and 18. We need to make sure they are in the right circles.

Quote from:Jean Delisle, director of vaccination in Estrie

The CIUSSS points out that young people with chronic diseases and disabilities should make an appointment with a mass vaccination center, not a pharmacy, as they use the Moderna vaccine.

Imperfect protection

Public health director Alain Poirier says the region still remains under close supervision, due to a sporadic increase in cases where it is of concern if this is the beginning of what some regions have experienced.

Granite, where seven outbreaks continue, also remains a problem region, according to Dr. Poirier.

There is more than one reason. But what stands out the most is compliance. Some polls show that some regions have seen a decline in compliance and all have seen an increase.he says, asking the population to continue to follow the instructions.

He also recalls that vaccination is not a guarantee of complete protection.

Despite the fact that we started vaccination, there are still many people who are susceptible to this disease. […] A third of the vaccinated population is in good health, but this is only a third.

Quote from:Dr. Alain Poirier, Director of Public Health in Estrie

In addition, Dr. Poirier assures that outbreaks are occurring in restaurants and other customer service locations. All cases are essentially workingaccording to him, that should be well protected to reduce the risk of customer infection.

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