All roads lead to the vaccine

Quebec is currently in a race against time. The goal of this race: that 75% of the population have received their two doses of vaccine by August 31. How to encourage people, and especially young people, to be vaccinated? By showing imagination.

This week, Eric Girard, the Minister of the Economy, announced the establishment of a “vaccine contest”, a lottery in which vaccinated Quebec adults can participate. Cash prizes totaling $ 2 million will be distributed starting in August. Minors aged 12 and over will also be able to earn money in the form of a scholarship.

It’s not too expensive to pay to save lives.

Yes, everyone should make their contribution and this kind of initiative that offers rewards should not be necessary for people to do their duty as citizens, but the reality is otherwise. We must make do.

All means are good to encourage the population to be vaccinated.

The idea machine

It’s time to think outside the box. Why not take inspiration from initiatives implemented elsewhere to motivate the population to receive their doses?

I read in the 24 hours that in some states in the United States, cannabis joints are given to people who receive their vaccine. In Israel, it is food that is offered to reward the vaccinated. One city in India even gives body piercings.

Wacky ideas? Yes. Required ? Too.

During the pandemic, artists were asked to reinvent themselves. Now it is the government’s turn to get the idea machine going to meet immunization targets.

Whether we consider them good or not, all ideas are welcome to prevent the authorities from using coercive means in order to achieve their ends.

A little joint with your vaccine?

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