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Cryptocurrencies have appreciated again significantly, and more than ever, from last year to the present day. Because of this, the number of people interested in investing and mining digital parts has also increased and hence there has been a significant impact on the hardware market, especially in the graphics card segment.

So, and since this is a relevant topic, in our last weekly issue, we wanted to know if readers own or invest in a cryptocurrency. Let’s make all the results known.



Do you have or are you investing in cryptocurrency?

After last week’s question is over, now follows the disclosure of all results through the analysis of 2,480 responses got.

By quantitative analysis of the results, it is verified that the responses are shared. The majority of readers, however, with 51% of the vote, say they do not own or invest in any cryptocurrency. (1,276 votes).

In turn, 49% of participants responded that they do not have or invest in any digital currency (1,204 votes).

Graph results

For a better visual perception, then follow the graph with the results:

Almost half of readers own or invest in

Cryptocurrencies are, in fact, an attractive market, with dozens of different digital currencies. Of course, some are more popular and well-known than others, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, and Dogecoin.

If you have not yet started in this world, and it is your wish, it is better to educate yourself first to do it safely and not to take unnecessary risks.

But if you didn’t answer our question, let us know if you own or invest in any cryptocurrency.

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This week’s question:

In this section we ask a question on relevant, current and useful topics, in order to know the opinion and trends of our readers in the world of technology, especially in our country.

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