Amazon Astro robot disassembly by iFixit

Last year, Amazon introduced and began making available its new Astro home robot, which is now available by invitation only. Astro was designed to provide users with a home robot capable of controlling the home using the Alexa personal assistant platform as well as Ring. Enable connection to front door smart doorbell, security cameras and more.

“Astro can follow you with entertainment or find you to deliver calls, messages, timers, alarms or reminders. Designed to protect your privacy – mute microphones, cameras and motion with the touch of a button and use the Astro app to set up nogo zones so Astro knows where he can’t go.”

If you’re interested in learning more about the electronics and hardware inside the home robot, you’ll be pleased to know that the iFixit team wasted no time in taking their screwdrivers to the Astro robot to show its inner workings. Watch the video below to learn more about what you can expect from the hardware inside the Astro robot.

Amazon Astro Robot Disassembly

“Amazon Astro was born as a robot guard and has evolved into a droid of all trades – a security guard, a mobile DJ and a drink vendor. While this Johnny5 wannabe is still in prebeta, softwarewise it’s a bit hopeless. Lagging and not very intuitive, we found ourselves overwhelmed by the thousand dollar price tag. That is, until we got under the hood. “

“From the outside, you might think that this is the same seamless, gluefilled gadget typical of disposable equipment, but getting inside is almost easy. So simple, in fact, that the first time we overlooked the supposed entrance to the battery compartment. Trying to get inside, we used screws, clips and, yes, some glue to remove the panels, and it turned out that the most valuable target all this time was hidden under the cup holders. Slide out the container insert and the icon will help you remove the screws to access the power supply. “

Source: iFixit: Amazon

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