Amazon buys doctor appointment service

E-commerce and cloud computing giant Amazon just announced it has acquired One Medical for $3.9 billion.

But what does One Medical do? This company allows you to book an appointment with a doctor online, as we know in France, for example with Doctolib. One Medical practices two models: selling services to patients and selling services to companies as part of its BtoBtoC offering.

“One Medical combines in-person care with digital and virtual health services to make it easier for patients to book appointments, renew prescriptions, access up-to-date medical records and improve their health,” read the website. press release mentioning the takeover.

Another step for Amazon in healthcare

“We believe healthcare is high on the list of activities to be reinvented. Make an appointment, wait weeks or even months for an appointment, take a vacation, drive to a clinic, find a parking spot, wait in a waiting room and etc. then in the exam room, which is all too common, a few minutes of rushing with the doctor, then another visit to the pharmacy – we see many opportunities both to improve the quality of the experience and to give people back valuable time in their days,” says Neil Lindsay, senior vice president of Amazon Health Services.

The takeover of One Medical is another step for Amazon in healthcare. In September 2019, the company took over telemedicine startup Health Navigator. At the same time, in February 2020, Amazon launched Amazon Care, a medical teleconsultation service for employees. Amazon also launched Amazon Pharmacy, a US prescription drug sales and delivery service, following its acquisition of PillPack.

Amazon’s entire medical business is based on the AWS cloud computing platform. Some elements of its cloud offering are also specifically designed for health data processing, such as HealthLake, which launched last summer in the United States.

Oracle recently bought electronic health record specialist Cerner for $28.3 billion.

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