Amazon chooses London to open first ‘cashless’ supermarket outside the United States

Amazon’s supermarket-warehouse concept, called Amazon Fresh, just opened its doors this Thursday in a shopping center in Ealing, a district located in west London.

First store in Europe

This is the first time that such a store has been set up outside the United States. Indeed, the first Amazon Fresh opened in August 2020 in Woodland Hills, near Los Angeles.

This 230 m² supermarket, open Monday to Sunday from 7 am to 11 pm, has the particularity of being “cashless”. It offers “a vast selection of new products stamped ‘by Amazon'”, including meat, fish, fruits and vegetables, bakery, prepared meals and basic necessities “, details the giant of the e-commerce Products from retailer Morrisons, with which Amazon has a partnership, are also available.

is based on “Just Walk Out” technology

Like the smaller Amazon Go convenience stores, Amazon Fresh relies on “Just Walk out” technology that automatically detects when products are removed or returned to the shelves. In practice, the user identifies himself by scanning a QR-code (the “fresh code”) at the entrance via the dedicated application, and chooses his products. When leaving, they are automatically billed for their purchases, without going through the checkout, via a dedicated corridor. The invoice is available almost instantly on the mobile application.

On the other hand, unlike the one in the United States, this supermarket is not equipped with the Dash Cart, Amazon’s intelligent cart, which thanks to sensors automatically tracks the shopping carried out by a customer via computer vision technology. .

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