Amazon completes buyout of another company

Amazon has agreed to buy Cloostermans. This is a Belgian company specializing in the production of robots capable of stacking pallets in warehouses. Note, however, that Amazon has already used Cloostermans technology to package products.

Once the deal closes, Cloostermans employees will join Amazon Global Robotics. They will dedicate their time to creating technology suitable for all of Amazon’s needs. The latter also said in a press release that Kloostermans’ experience in mechanical engineering, robotics and mechanical engineering will improve working conditions at the company.


Benefits of Absorbing Cloostermans

Cloostermans specializes in robotics. Its acquisition by Amazon brings many benefits to the e-commerce giant. Indeed, in addition to the experience of the Cloostermans engineers, Amazon can now make it easier to find solutions to various workplace problems. This represents an alternative to reducing packaging waste as well as improving worker safety. Indeed, the company has already expressed a desire to have more robots to improve the safety of its employees.

In addition, the introduction of more robots in Amazon warehouses is helping to increase the level of automation. Last June, for example, Proteus, Amazon’s first autonomous warehouse robot, was able to move carts full of packages on its own. In other words, robotization of activities can only increase the speed of work, protecting employees as much as possible from various accidents that may occur.

Robots won’t replace humans

Robots are increasingly infiltrating Amazon. After all, for several years we have been finding them in many of our distribution centers. With the acquisition of Cloostermans, automation is more than present in the company.

However, this modernization will not yet cover human workers. The company said in 2019 that automation is not expected to replace people in warehouses for at least a decade.

Amazon is committed to protecting its employees in the workplace. Thus, robotization is a safe and effective means of achieving this goal. Thus, the acquisition of Cloostermans can only be beneficial to society, even if automation does not replace human labor. Moreover, since it will speed up the pace of work, it can make the business even more productive.



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