Amazon Drive cloud storage is shutting down

Users of the Amazon Drive cloud storage service, first launched by Amazon back in 2011, will be disappointed to learn that Amazon has made the decision to shut down the service and users will no longer be able to upload files as of January 31, 2023. deleting Amazon Downloads will completely close Drive on December 31, 2023, after which customers around the world will no longer be able to access their Amazon Drive files.

Amazon is shutting down its cloud storage to focus its efforts on Amazon Photos to provide customers with a dedicated photo and video storage solution. If you have photos and videos saved to your Drive, they have already been automatically saved to Amazon Photos. After December 31, 2023, Drive users can continue to use Amazon Photos to access your photos and videos.

Amazon Drive cloud storage

“Starting December 31, 2023, files stored in Drive will no longer be available to customers. We understand that content stored on Amazon Drive is very important to our customers. We will communicate our plan to remove or remove files by December 31, 2023 and give customers enough time to save their files. Customers are encouraged to use Amazon Photos to access their photo and video files and upload all other files locally (or through another service) by December 31, 2023.”

Source: Amazon

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