Amazon Go: soon at Carrefour and Auchan?

Amazon wants to open up to third-party distributors. The American giant now offers its “Just Walk Out” technology to third-party distributors so that they can use it in their stores, its management confirmed on Monday when questioned by . As a reminder, this technology, which equips Amazon Go stores without a checkout, allows customers to take what they want from a store and leave it, without having to go to the checkout.

First introduced in 2016 in the United States in Amazon Go stores, this technology is based on computer vision, sensor fusion and in-depth learning to eliminate queues at checkouts. On a new website for third-party distributors, Amazon says that the new offering is based on “proven technology that has worked with great reliability and precision for years in our stores”.

“Now, we allow distributors to use this technology in their stores with their selection, merchandising and suppliers to offer their customers the opportunity to simply go out [de leurs supermarchés] using our technology, “said the American online commerce giant. He has already applied his technology to Amazon Go stores, where customers download an app to shop.

Amazon extends its grip on distributors

In stores of third-party distributors, customers will not need to download an application or have an Amazon account, as the American giant said. Instead, they will just have to insert a credit card into a turnstile at the store entrance, Amazon told Reuters.

Once inside, customers can simply remove items from the shelves, and the Just Walk Out system will follow them in a virtual basket. When they leave the store, their credit card will be charged for all items taken. There will also be a kiosk where customers can enter their email address to get a receipt, if they need it.

Amazon will work with retailers to install the necessary technology, which includes cameras and weight sensors on the shelves. The e-commerce giant will also offer 24/7 support. Everything else will be the responsibility of the retailer, including store selection and staffing of store associates to assist with customer base.

Installation time of a few weeks

Once the Just Walk Out system is rolled out to a store, Amazon said it “will only collect the data necessary to provide customers with an accurate receipt.” Buyers can view this as similar to typical security camera images, ”says Amazon.

This announcement should make a big splash in the retail sector. Especially since Amazon promises that the installation of its system “can take only a few weeks from the time we have access to your store”. What to imagine tomorrow that distribution giants like Carrefour or Auchan will equip themselves with such a system? The question does indeed arise.

But what about employment in points of sale? Amazon assures him, he will not be affected by his new technology. “Distributors will continue to employ associates to welcome and answer customers’ questions, supply the shelves, verify identities for the purchase of certain products, etc. “, Adds Amazon management. It remains to be seen whether the insurance of the American giant will stand the test of reality.



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