Amazon has four new robots to work in its warehouses: autonomous and powered by AI to free the workload of humans

Amazon warehouse workers will soon have new colleagues: Ernie, Bert, Scooter and Kermit. it’s about the Amazon’s new autonomous and artificial intelligence robots, which he says will help to free up the workload and improve the safety of human workers.

With the idea in mind of reduce workplace accidents by 50% by 2025, Amazon launched these four new robots. This is a goal in which they invest more than $ 300 million annually in security products. Without further ado, let’s see what each of the new robots is about.

Four robots, four different tasks

Ernie is the first of the robots, his main task is pick up and deliver packages and boxes of mobile units to humans. In this way, the human has to bend less and stretch less, which greatly facilitates the task. Ernie is a sort of robotic arm that sucks up boxes to grab them and moves them on a mechanical belt to move them.

The second of the robots is Bert. Bert says it’s one of the first fully autonomous robots to have created. Your goal is to move around department stores to transport boxes and other items from one place to another. All this without the need for a human to supervise it, thus freeing up a large part of the work, especially in terms of time. They say he will eventually be able to move larger and heavier loads.

We also have Scooter, a robot which Amazon says is also used autonomously and also for carrying loads. In this case it is like a small locomotive, loading a series of freight cars or trailers with packages. It moves autonomously and takes the packages from a certain point to another chosen one.

Finally we have Kermit, another autonomous robot designed to carry loads. In this case, the load is just empty boxes. Kermit is autonomous but not as autonomous as Bert for example, he needs magnetic tapes on the ground to guide him.

Amazon says some of its bots are already at an advanced stage of development and will start to be introduced little by little this year in some of its warehouses. Automation of tasks at Amazon is something that will come sooner or later. It is not in vain that they are already investing billions in retraining their workers for more technical positions.

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